My trip to Tokyo   

I arrived to Sapporo end of September, and I have been going to a lot of classes at my university in Sapporo, so I was very much looking forward to the winter holiday to go travelling with my sister, who came from Hungary all the way to Japan to spend Christmas and New Year’s with me. We met up in Tokyo on the 23rd of December and spend 2 wonderful weeks there. It was my sister’s first visit to Japan, and I was very excited to show her everything that I love about this country. Tokyo has many great things to offers for its visitors, so we were not bored, not even for a second! On Christmas Eve, we visited Hibiya Park, where the Tokyo Christmas Markets are held. We tried mulled and German sausages. We were satisfied with the quality and the different types of the German food at the stalls. We did not expected to find such great German food in the middle of Tokyo, so we were very happy to have a bite of all these traditional European Christmas foods. With a huge mug of mulled wine, we went to see a Christmas show in the inside tent. It was a very fun event, with Christmas carols, singing and dancing.

My favourite part of the trip were our visit to Tokyo Disney Land and Kamakura town. Although the Christmas season is one of the busiest season among visitors i disney Land, we had loads of fun in park. We tried different rollercoasters, my favourite one was the Indiana Jones ride, it was very adventurous. We also took part in a treasure hunt in Japanese. It was very challenging because of the language, but it was a lot fun while exploring the park. We enjoyed the end of day show with characters from Disney animations and fireworks. I love how the fireworks were shaped as Mickey or Minnie mouse. Also, because it was the park’s 25 anniversary, this was a special show with it theme song playing during the fireworks.

On the 2nd of January we visited Kamakura, and all its shrines and temples. We queue up the make our wishes for the New Year. Although the main shrine was very busy, and we had to queue for an hour, we visited an other temple, where we washed our money. Did you know that if you go to this shrine and wash your money under water, the money that you wash, supposed to double in amount. It was a crazy experience with everyone washing their money, and making their for the new year. We visited the Great Buddha too. It’s huge, and the place is really relaxing.Kamakura is a lovely small town, and we finished our day on the beach. The sunset was beautiful, and we had a nice walk going back to the train statio.

After two weeks of travelling in Tokyo, it was time for me to come back to Sapporo, and for my sister to go back to Hungary. My sister, never liked Japanese food before she came to Japan, said it’s the best food she ever had. On the first day I made her try taiyaki with sweet bean paste, and she didn’t like it. On our last day, she bought ankle from the supermarket to take home with her, because she came o like it so much. On top of that, she said that she doesn’t want to go back home, she wants get to know more of Japan, and learn more about Japanese. It was a great holiday, it was both of our first visit to Tokyo, but definitely not the last one. Can’t wait to be back, and explore different cities and sights in Japan!

Tamara (Hungary)


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My first white Christmas   

When I first arrived in Sapporo the autumn leaves were such gorgeous and vivid shades of red, crimson, and orange that I was really in awe as I walked around the campus of my university, Hokudai. But soon enough, the leaves fell from the trees and collected on the sides of the paths, the temperature began to drop and winter seemed to be coming. I was so excited to see the snow which people had told me about; I had been told that there would be pure white powdery snow in huge quantities.

So, for many weeks in November I was so excited for the snow to arrive, and when it did I was in awe once again. I love that Sapporo has such beautiful and distinct seasons, a stark contrast to England where the whole year is one season of grey skies, cold weather and drizzly rain. England is cold in winter but there is no snow so the English winter is not fun. However, in Sapporo there is so much beautiful snow that it justifies the cold weather! It is a very exciting and new experience for me to live in a city with so much snow, but being a newbie to this experience I of course made a few rookie mistakes. My biggest struggle was walking. I simply cannot walk on snow and ice! I have fallen over so many times by now and collected too many bruises to count, but after buying some shoe spikes from the shop things have improved! At the beginning I was also not prepared with some good, sturdy winter boots, but now I have two pairs of boots and some snow boots! I also did not bring a jacket that was warm enough for this climate, so I was very cold at the beginning of winter, but now I have three! However, the best thing about living in snowy Sapporo is that I can take the bus and go skiing whenever I want, something which is unheard of in England!

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As Christmas and New year approached I became more and more excited to spend my first winter holiday in Japan and to see my first white Christmas! To make things more exciting, my boyfriend was coming to Sapporo for the winter holiday too. It was his first time in Japan and we did lots of fun things together. I took him to an izakaya, to a cat café, to lots of restaurants, Mt. Moiwa and more.

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For Christmas, we exchanged presents in the morning and then went to my friend’s apartment where she cooked us a delicious dinner and we drank lots of wine. My boyfriend and I wore Santa suits, and it was a very fun Christmas indeed! For new year, we went to Hokkaido shrine. We arrived at 10:30pm and there was nobody there, so we were very anxious! I was told it would be so busy on New Year’s eve, so I was expecting crowds and crowds, but it turns out everyone arrives at the shrine very late! In the meantime, we explored the stalls which were set up around the shrine and ate lots of delicious festival food. We then queued up for Hatsumoude, and when midnight came we proceeded to the front of the shrine, threw some money and made a wish. I wanted a truly Japanese experience for New Year and I think I got it, I had a lot of fun!

Melissa (UK)

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Christmas Eve 2016   

Happy New Year, everyone! In this blog entry, I would like to write about my first Christmas Eve in Japan.

I have only resided in Japan for a little more than 3 months, but I have been fortunate enough to experience so many novel things in my life. I have seen snow before, but only in Sapporo have I ever witnessed such a great amount of snowfall. When I opened my room’s window in the morning and saw the thick snow on the street, it was such a miracle!

In my opinion, Christmas Eve 2016 was the first time that I have ever properly celebrated the coming of Christmas. In Vietnam, the country where I am from, Christmas is an occasion to go shopping, or hang out on the street with friends and lovers. However, typically, we almost never stay home and have dinner with our family during Christmas Eve.

This time in Japan, I celebrated Christmas Eve by enjoying a lovely warm dinner with my classmates from university, with the thick cold snow laying outside. Some of us prepared the main dishes, while others brought snacks and drinks. It was probably the best dinner that I have had in Japan so far. After the meal, we played card games, danced to music, and chitchatted until late.

On the way back together, we had plenty of fun throwing snowballs to each other. Prior to this, I could only read about this fun activity in Manga, so I was very delighted to try out the actual snowball-throwing game. Everyone was laughing so hard. It was such a heart-warming time amid the chilly Sapporo winter night.

Hoang (Vietnam)



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My Sapporo Experience so far   

I have been in Sapporo for almost 3 months now and I have experienced so many new things it seems as if everyday I do something I've never done before or eaten something I've never tried before.

When I first arrived I was expecting really cold weather and lots of snow it when I arrived it so hotter here then I could have imagined and I thought to myself is it always going to be like this?

Later as I got settled and the autumn season started to kick in the rain, the wind and the cold weather reminded me of my home town and I felt a bit more at ease considering I am in a different country.

I was told many stories that when winter comes it would be colder then I could imagine and of course they were right. It doesn't snow often in England I have seen it snow maybe about 4 times in my life and whenever it did it seems the whole country would stop and panic as if the world had ended.

So now that winter is here and the snow has fallen to me it's truly amazing I've only seen this much snow on TV everything had been turned into a glorious white the roads, the buildings even people when they walk outside in the snow storms is covered with soft powdery snow.

I'm honestly enjoying every moment dispite the freezing cold temperature I can't wait to so more and I am fascinated that the people living here think it's just normal I'm looking forward to my first ever white Christmas and I'm so happy that I get to spend it in Sapporo.

Tristan (United Kingdom)


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Life is hard   

My god everyday is so busy right now! I don’t even have the time to sleep properly!

You see, I started a project called Hult Prize, a university wide competition for refugees. With my team, we’ve been doing everything we could do every single day for the past month, researching, contacting several companies about certain subjects, writing, meeting, researching again, fighting about every single thing to make every part of the presentation perfect. And guess what? TURNS OUT SOMEONE ELSE ALREADY DID OUR IDEA!


Yesterday we were so frustrated about everything, and decided to quit, since we didn’t have a report or a presentation for deadline, which was today. But then our team captain was like “No! We will finish this!” She was so scary, I immediately saluted her saying “Sir yes sir!” out of fear. So from dusk ‘till dawn we’ve been writing reports and speeches today, to prepare for the presentation which, you’ve guessed it, TOMORROW. We basically did everything in a single day for a presentation which other teams had a month to prepare for.

You can’t guess what kind of a “tokitoki” moment I’m having right now. I’M SO NERVOUS! I’ll be speaking in front of an ambassador, President of Hokudai, CEO’s, very very important (and rich) people. And if we get it right, if we win, we get to go to SAN FRANSISCO, US. Not for holiday of course, for the second part of the competition.

So yeah, this is so tiring and making me feel so nervous, but in a way, I guess it’s fun. We’ll see what happens tomorrow, I just hope I don’t embarrass myself in front of everyone!

Also our team’s name, Team Clark. Guess where we got the name from.


Dee (Turkey)


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