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Easter in Germany!   

Hi Chit Chatters!

Finally spring has arrived in Hokkaido!! It is getting warmer outside and the sun is showing its face more often. This weather now reminds me of the weather in Germany when Easter comes around. Do you know about Easter? Easter is the day when Jesus rose from the dead, the third day after his crucifixion. This year Easter will be on the 24th of April.

One or two weeks before Easter, Germans decorate their apartments with flowers and branches and on the branches they hang up self-coloured eggs. When Easter arrives, parents will hide coloured eggs and chocolate bunnies and will tell their children to look out for them carefully. The children think that the Easter bunny has hidden them. That’s called the custom of the Easter bunny and Easter egg hunt.

But what does the Easter bunny have to do with the resurrection?

The origins are unclear, but it is said that the rabbit and the egg were seen as symbols of fertility and they were somehow connected to the resurrection in the Middle Ages.

The origins of the Easter bunny though lies in Alsace and the Upper Rhineland in Germany. In the 19th century the custom of the Easter bunny and Easter egg hunt became popular for commercial reasons.

Hien (Germany)

by chitchatcafe | 2011-03-29 18:51 | 英会話 教師 札幌

Life’s lessons   

As you all know, it has now been ten days since the earthquake and resulting tsunami devastated Sendai and surrounding cities in north-eastern Japan. I sincerely hope all your family and friends are safe and accounted for. Watching the news coverage on the television a few nights ago, I saw how much damage and destruction has been caused, and having been completely safe in Hokkaido, it seemed almost surreal. I began to think about how precious and fleeting life really is. I often feel that as I am young, I have many years ahead of me. However nature doesn’t guarantee that and unforeseen events can change everything in a instant.
This led me to consider all the things that I want to experience in my life, but have been delaying for various reasons. I made a list.

Have you ever seen the movie Bucket List starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman? Just like that. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, Jack and Morgan play two men, who when confronted with their own mortality decide to experience all the things they always wanted to before they die.
I have decided to start to tackle that list beginning now.

I would like to encourage all of you to go after those things that you have been delaying, or planning to complete “someday” as well. If we can learn one lesson from this natural disaster, let us never take our lives for granted. Stay safe everyone!

Jason (Canada)

by chitchatcafe | 2011-03-22 14:22 | 英会話 スクール 札幌

I am big in my hometown   

So Friday of last week we had a big one! Crazy... but I didn't feel it... Well what can I say in case of an earthquake in Hokkaido I am dead for sure! I never feel the earthquakes here! Anyways let's say that as soon as I saw the magnitude of it, I called my parents right away. When I call my dad I told him:"I am safe and doin fine dad" he said:"Why?" It was 7 in the morning for him and he hadn't yet seen the news yet. My mom I left a message because she was apparently in the shower. Then my brother called me too and we chatted for a bit and then came the call.... I didn't know the number but it was late so I decided that it might be an emergency of some sort... Well it was the radio station in my hometown wanting an interview live from Japan! I was speechless at how they found my phone number since I only gave it to my family but I accepted. So anyways some of my friends from high school told me that my interview was on a loop all day on the radio! I am now known in my hometown after years of anonymity. And the person that gave my phone number was my dad... he should have had given me a heads up but...

And so another great news, after 3 weeks of rehab and 2 weeks in a cast... I am finally able to snowboard again next week! The nurse in charge of my rehab tole me that I can go next week no problem! So yeah I am very excited to get back on it. Now I can already hear everyone saying "take care this time David" to that I answer "yes Mom".

Also amid the chaos, last Tuesday (15th) marks my 1 year anniversary in Japan. Yeah people I have bugging everyone here for over a year! Milestone that one. Don't feel different but I did finally started studying Japanese again a little bit this week after months of inactivity...

That's it for me, I hope to see you all at the 2 year anniversary party on Saturday the 26th 'cause you know I will be there for sure!


David (Canada)

by chitchatcafe | 2011-03-19 14:09 | カフェ 英会話 札幌

Hello nice to meet you, lets talk about interesting things in English   

Hi, my name is Alex. I come from Liverpool, England. I am here in Sapporo as an exchange student at Sapporo Daigaku. Ive been here since September 2010 and I have found that Sapporo is a really fun place to live.

I enjoy meeting new people and trying new bars and restaurants across the city. So far I have made lots of new friends here and done lots of things that I would never normally do in England. Things such as snowboarding and skiing and cultural things like visiting shrines and using an onsen. I am also learning how to play shakuhachi!

My hobbies are mainly sports, music and films but I also like to read books when I have the time. As I come from Europe my favorite sport is obviously football but I am starting to become interested in baseball as it is really popular in Japan. I love cinema from around the world including Japanese and Asian cinema. At university I study Tourism and Japanese so I enjoy learning about the world and i love exploring different cultures. I am always interested in learning about topics that are new to me so if you have the same interests as me or would like to chat about your hobbies or things that you find interesting, please come and visit. We are always happy to help you improve your English speaking skills whilst having fun and enjoying an interesting conversation.

Alex (UK)

by chitchatcafe | 2011-03-12 14:38 | マンツーマン 英会話 札幌

Where does the time go?   

Hi chatters! I hope that you are all well! It was a hard job this morning getting to CCC. I had a nice 35 minute walk through the snow, arriving at CCC at 9:30am looking like a snowman. Of course, now that I am actually indoors, the snow has stopped. Isn’t that typical??!!
I’m sure that most of you are aware that this month we are celebrating our second anniversary! Doesn’t the time fly?! It only feels as though six months have passed since we opened.

I just wanted to let you all know how much we sincerely appreciate your continued support. Without this support, CCC wouldn’t be here. So thanks to all you chatters, to those taking private lessons and to our staff. It’s always nice to see so many different people getting along well thanks to a mutual interest in the English language. I’m happy that many of you have made new friendships and may those friendships last lifetimes!

I’m also finding it difficult to believe that my son will be 1 year old this month. It feels like it was only yesterday that I was nearly fainting in the delivery room! Joshua seems to be doing something new every week now (although what I really want him to learn is that when I’m taking a bath with him, it’s not necessary for him to top the bath water up with his pee!!!!).
Well, it looks like we will all have to wrap up warm for a little while longer, but spring can’t be too far away now…
Hope to see you all at the cafe soon, and don’t forget that we will be having our 2nd year anniversary party on the 26th of this month, so make a note in your diary!

James (UK)

by chitchatcafe | 2011-03-03 16:36 | 英会話 プライベート レッスン

Remembrance of My First Day   

My first day in Japan was not the best. When I arrived at Tokyo Narita Airport, I was feverish and dehydrated, toting around two large and incredibly heavy suitcases (one of which broke American regulations for carry-on weight). I had not eaten or drunk anything for the past 21 or so hours, due to a cruel combination of motion sickness and nerves. In Seattle, Washington, where I had a layover of approximately 8 hours before catching the next flight to Japan, I had managed to catch only a few hours of sleep in a booth at an airport café. My departure from Alaska took place around 1 AM, so I was already exhausted when my plane landed in Washington, and by the time I reached Japan, I felt as though I were on the verge of death.

It was raining when my plane landed in Tokyo, and I felt that the weather matched my mood perfectly. Somehow, despite my rapidly blurring vision and shaky limbs, I managed to figure out the bus system just in time to catch the next bus going to Tokyo Haneda Airport. It was at Tokyo Haneda Airport that I made my first Japanese friend. A very kind young man who worked at the airport noticed me standing around looking confused and frustrated, and he guided me through everything with the patience of a saint, even checking my papers himself so that I would not have to stand in line. The kindness of this stranger made me feel a lot better about being in a foreign country; his actions reflected well upon the Japanese community.

When I reached Chitose Airport in Hokkaido, I checked into my reserved hotel room and barely managed to post a notification on Facebook for my family– “I’m safe. Going to sleep now”– before crashing into bed and entering a deep and much-needed sleep. The next morning, I had my first Japanese breakfast and was met by my support student. During my second day in Japan, the weather was mostly clear, but it began to rain again later that night, and I realized with no small amount of horror that I would need to invest in an umbrella.

Nicole Wells (United States)

by chitchatcafe | 2011-03-01 15:27 | カフェ 英会話 札幌