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A quick trip to Furano   

Just went to Furano with a friend to check out the blooming flowers. It's pretty far, but the two and half hours it takes to get there seems half as long when you got a good partner to speak with and beautiful vistas to view along the way.

There were a couple places I had on the list to check out, namely, the FB (Furano Burger joint), and the Cheese factory.
The majority of roads in Furano are really narrow so we had difficulty in finding the FB restaurant. The map we had didn't indicate the names of all the streets, and we weren't certain what the scale of it was, meaning we didn't know if one inch on the map was 1 mile (!.6km), or 400 meters, or whatever.

After a good hour of backtracking and tracing up and down the streets, we finally found it. In retrospect it should have taken us only 15 minutes to get there from the location we got the information (at the Furano Station information center.)

On the bright side, we worked up quite an appetite, so the burger tasted that much better. Then we headed over to the cheese factor to try and have a go at making our own cheese. In trying to find the burger place, we got pretty familiar with the layout of Furano, so we found the Cheese Factory with easy. Unfortunately, we wasted so much time that we missed the cheese class, and could only buy something someone else made...

We also got some really good ice cream at a little annex adjacent to the cheese factory. Zomg I love Hokkaidou milk/ice cream!

Despite the fact we got lost a bit, the trip to Furano was really relaxing and fun.


by chitchatcafe | 2010-08-24 12:49 | カフェ 英会話 札幌

Summer time activities   

Hi folks

wow it`s raining cats and dogs outside...as I write this sitting in the lounge of Dk House.. ( it`s a lot quieter now that David`s gone.. not to mention Jann too.. just jiving guys )

Some of you will have heard this ' cats and dogs ` expression before. We use it when it`s raining heavily. I have no idea where it comes from however.

Well what a year. The World Cup season rolled nicely into the Beer Garden season. And now happily for me it`s the rugby season and my beloved ` All Blacks` ( New Zealand`s National team ) are having a great season .They are currrently unbeaten and have beaten the South Africans 3 games in a row.

Actually thats why I couldn`t attend the last Chit Chat party as it clashed directly with one of these Test matches.

As some of you know I was away for just under two years and came back to Sapporo in Feb.( actually 6months to the day tomorrow ) I had forgotten just how many Matsuris and festivities there are in Sapporo during Summer.

I loved the Beer garden. Even though I don`t drink alcohol anymore the party atmosphere was magic. What a shame the lawn areas were closed off. Oh well hopefully the `powers that be ` know what they are doing.

On the second to last day about 20 foreigners dressed up in fancy dress...( I did my tried and trusted body paint again from World Cup time which was a big Wow for many people ) People loved it. It was the third year in a row so hopefully the event will get bigger and better.

My other big news is that I am playing golf on Sept 5th and it will be my first game in just under 3 years. If I can break 100 .. i.e shoot 99 or lower I will be happy

ok readers...
big namaste hugs

see you in the cafe

by chitchatcafe | 2010-08-23 12:42 | 札幌 英会話 国際

Here for a while I guess   

So I am officially a Sappororian? Sappororer?

Yes I moved into my own place. It's now all furnished and i also have internet! So I guess I am here for the long run! If you are wondering how much I pay, I won't tell you but I can say it's less than before and I closer to downtown. I have learn very quickly that in Japan it's not what you know but who you know. Got this place for cheap and I didn't need to give a deposit or key money!! Don't worry i don't think he's Yakuza... well he does have tattoos haha.

I m settling more and more into the Japanese lifestyle. I am also starting to meet more Japanese people that don't speak much English which in turn makes MY Japanese a bit better everyday.

I also turned 30 on the 14th of August (yeah Obon boy). Don't feel much different except that my shoulder is aching, I think I just slept funny on it though. I didn't go to the Karaoke Party because I already had plans for the night. Don't worry though the next Chit Chat Party is INKED in.

That's it folks hope you got a kick of this blog.


by chitchatcafe | 2010-08-21 13:36 | 英会話 プライベート レッスン

Travelling Shiretoko   

I was very impressed by one of our staff, Yann, who accomplished a great tour – Shiretoko by bicycle (moreover “mama-chari”:-), and visited Shiretoko also. Of course, not by bicycle, that would be kind of suicide for me, but by car, even by that comfortable vehicle, it was a pretty long way.

It was my first visit of Shiretoko and I was really touched by the pure beauty of the nature there. The best experience was the sailing along the Shiretoko cape. I got with my friends on a small visitors’ boat, which took us for a 2 hours journey. I am not sure, how many bears are there in Shiretoko, but we were lucky enough to see two of them – one baby and one big big bear. It was my first encounter with the Hokkaido’s bear, and I was very happy to meet from a safe distance on the boat.

I guess most of you have already visited the Hokkaido’s World Heritage, but anyway, for those who have not been there yet, my sincere recommendation – do not wait and use the last lovely summer days and pack off for the Shiretoko! (not necessarily by bicycle, I took also the easy way)


by chitchatcafe | 2010-08-20 14:11 | 英会話 個人 レッスン 札幌

My Furano Trip   

It’s now my summer holiday! My best friends from Hong Kong came to visit me and we had a wonderful time together. We went to a must-go place in Hokkaido, Furano during our trip.

In Hong Kong, we always find the purple lavender in Furano very beautiful and must find some time to go. But when we finally got the chance to visit Furano, it was raining for 2 days. We had to take picture under our umbrella!

However, although the weather was not good, it did not affect my happy holiday mood as my best friends were just beside me! I hadn’t seen them for 4 whole months, so, we enjoyed every moment to stay with each other. They even got the plan to visit me again in coming January, at the snowing season.

We cannot control the weather, but what we can control is our mindset, to treasure every moment to be able to stay with your best friends.


by chitchatcafe | 2010-08-13 13:59 | 札幌 英会話 サークル

Muggy days, bigger biceps and jam   

Are you all enjoying the summer? I was so glad when summer finally arrived this year, but after the really hot and humid weather we have been having recently, I must admit that I am rather looking forward to autumnal coolness. I wish that there was a nice big ocean around the corner where I could take a dip whenever the mercury rises. Perhaps I will go for a swim in the pond in Nakajima Park.

Life has been very good recently, especially now that Joshua is not crying all through the night. Joshua, our baby boy, was born in March and every day he seems to have grown another few centimeters. He’s also getting a lot heavier and I think it won’t be long before I start developing thick macho biceps!

O-Bon holidays are just around the corner and I am sure that many of you, if you haven’t already, are deciding what to do with your time off. If you have free time on the 14th, it would be nice to see you at the karaoke night in Susukino (details on website). I promise not to steal the microphone! I’m looking forward to hearing you sing (English or Japanese OK).

Last week I made my first ever jam. One of my students very kindly gave me a big bunch of rhubarb and I managed to fill up a couple of jam jars with homemade rhubarb jam. I didn’t realize how easy it was to make jam and I think that it’s very likely I will make more jam in future. If you have never tried rhubarb, I highly recommend it. Rhubarb is quite difficult to find in Japan, but if you ever come across any, buy some and make rhubarb jam. It’s delicious! Rhubarb looks similar to butterbur (ふき), but tastes very different. It is quite sour so it tastes best when made into a jam. We eat it a lot in England, both as a jam and as a dessert with custard. Mmmmm!

Well, have lovely weekends and see you all in chit-chat soon. Let’s hope that it gets a little bit cooler soon! Bye bye!


by chitchatcafe | 2010-08-06 15:06 | 英会話 個人 レッスン 札幌

One tip for hot summer   

I think most of you would agree with me, if I say that this summer has been really hot (and sometimes even humid), what is not for Hokkaido very typical. I am not sure if it has something to do with global warming, but it has been hot also in my country Czech and also in such a cold country in Russia. By the way, in case of Hokkaido, I personally such a hot summer like very much and just wish to have a more time to enjoy Hokkaido’s seaside!

In Czech we usually do have quite hot summer, with the temperatures around 30 degrees, but this year there were days when the thermometers got over 35 degrees, which is really unusual. I have stayed all summer in Hokkaido, so I am not sure how my family and friends in Czech face up the tropical heat, but as I know them they probably find hideaway in trees shade near the river or lake, and also in some cool pub or deep under the ground in the wine cellar, where they will quench thirst by cold beer or wine. And here is the one tip for you – refreshing drink with a low percentage of alcohol – perfect for summer days!!! During the hot summer we used the drink chilly white vine mixed with cold soda. I usually mix it half to half, but it depends on everyone, of course! It is also nice with ice and slice of lemon, lime or orange! Try it, you will see, that, for hot summer days it is simply the best drink!


by chitchatcafe | 2010-08-04 18:15 | 札幌 英会話 サークル