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Whatever we experience, life is constantly changing, that is what makes growing up...   

Hi everybody! last party in Chit chat cafe was great, it s so nice to meet new people and to share wonderful moments...
Thank you all for being so friendly, I realise how lucky I am to be here in Sapporo with you!

For those who wish to come to the French creperie this Friday it will be closed I'm sorry!!!
So let's meet this Saturday at the same place at 7h30 pm to have a good French dinner!

See you soon,


by chitchatcafe | 2009-09-30 19:45 | 札幌 英会話 サークル

Autumn in Czech Republic   

The short summer in Sapporo finished and I am looking forward for the wonderful scarlet-tinged leaves and golden ginkgo trees in Hokkaido University’s campus.

Autumn in my country is at first the beginning of the academic year and for all the people and especially for the pupils, who enter the elementary school for the first time, is the autumn the symbol of the end of being lazy (we have 2 months of summer vacation) and start of doing their best at school, which starts on the 1st of September.

September and first half of October is very often sunny and quit warm - we call this season - Indian summer and enjoy hiking, cycling of weekend’s trips. From the half of October the leaves start to change their color and the scenery soon become yellow and light brown. Unfortunately the golden autumn doesn’t last very long because November brings the rainy, cold and cloudy weather, which is followed by silver winter in December.

But there are still many beautiful sunny autumn days waiting for us, so about winter next time!!!Autumn in Czech Republic


by chitchatcafe | 2009-09-29 14:18 | マンツーマン 英会話 札幌


Silver week saw me up bright and early to journey on bus and train to the mountains of Daisetsu-zan National Park. Ahead of me lay a four-day adventure through the park. Day one was an assisted climb up Mt Kuro-dake to the mountain hut over the top. This night however, saw me camping in temperatures below minus 5, which was very cold for me. We woke a little weary eyed on day two ready for the day’s 16km journey into the heart of the park. Here I saw the spectacular beauty that the park held, it was truly breathtaking.

My guide was a New Zealander who has been in Japan for 15 years and has traveled through the park in all seasons and weather conditions. It’s comforting to know you are with someone with such experience, as every one knows how unforgiving the conditions can be. My guide was in fact unfortunate enough to be on the mountain the day that eight people tragically lost their lives. In his opinion, a lack of tents and inexperienced guides led to the fateful tragedy.

Day three was a short 4km trek to a hut by a beautiful mountain lake. Myself and a fellow Aussie were game enough for a very chilly dip in the lake. I was literally in and out in 2 seconds, once again very cold. But after wearing the same clothes for three days I may have been more than a little smelly. Day four we were up at the crack of dawn, 4.00am, again a little weary eyed. This day saw us descend more than a thousand meters to the onsens of Tenninkyo. After a relaxing bath it was back home to Sapporo after what had been a fantastic Silver week holiday.


by chitchatcafe | 2009-09-26 14:14 | 英会話 スクール 札幌

Thank You Everyone   

Hi everyone from now this will be my last blog ever so I want to write about something that is very important. Personally, before I came to Japan, I didn’t think that I will gain other experience than only Japanese language. The first 3 months in Japan was about studying and going home everyday. I used to have a favorite Japanese TV program after school. Well, that first 3 months seem to be only about reading books in my room.

Then I thought I wanted more than this, because I am in Japan!! And I need to get out there and talk, not just sitting here reading books. Then I started with participating in Japanese festival, I did met some people and share different experience. Then one day I saw Chit Chat Café recruiting paper I was very excited as I was looking for this sort of job for sometimes. I was a very quiet person and always shy to communicate with other people, I really wanted to do some self development, saw it as my weakest point.

Even in the interviewing day I hardly spoke. After working in Chit Chat Café in these past 7-8 months I realize I have changed at least a little. It just like a gift to me that I will never forget, and this is thanks to all of you that were so kind with me and gave me a chance to speak naturally. Sharing me interesting experience, teaching me something news, something that isn’t written in the book. And most of all thanks to James, Yuka and Yukiko for giving such chance, sure I will one day return to Japan and also return the favor.


by chitchatcafe | 2009-09-15 15:14 | 英会話 プライベート レッスン

Lucky me!   

Hi everybody. Long time no see here at the blog. I hope you had a nice summer.

Last time I mentioned that I will go on a trip. We finally decided not driving to far away and ended up in Noboribetsu. It's a really nice area. I've enjoyed all the demons, hot springs and the Edo Village.
If you haven't been there yet, you should go there and see for yourself! You will like it, too.

This week I was very lucky. Last week I had to apply for the extension of my staying visa and this week I could go already back to the immigration office in Sapporo for catching it. Really fast and a second surprise: I got 3 extra years. I thought, it might be only 1 year, so it was nice to know, that we don't need to prepare all those documents again next year but in 2012! :)

I was also lucky because we spontaneously decided to buy a new flat-screen TV this week. My family went shopping on Monday and already since Wednesday the new 32 inch TV is standing in our room. Yippie! Now only the new Playstation 3 Slim is waiting for being bought, which might happen next week. Sounds good, right!?

In Germany people say that children born on a Sunday are "lucky children". In my case it's definitely true. (I was born on a Sunday in 1984.)

How about you? Are you lucky lately? Tell me about it when we'll meet next time. :)


by chitchatcafe | 2009-09-11 12:27 | マンツーマン 英会話 札幌

Autumn started   

Hello everybody! How you feel in first days of autumn? Enjoying them on full?
In Russia, 1st of September is a day of knowledge, and all students go on 'new studying year' opening ceremony. For universities it's nothing big, but for schools - you can't miss it. A lot of kids in school uniform (actually, it's only one day, when they wear it) with flowers for teachers go to school. After ceremony (I can't remember, what is there, except teachers speaking) all of them going to city, to celebrate itself. So I was a little surprised, when didn't saw in city something like this, but then I remembered, that new studying year starts in April and some people starts to study in August (honestly, that was much more surprising), in my country nobody studying in July and August.

Oh, and this summer was pretty fun, I did a lot of things, like tried beer in Odori beer festival about 3 times, watched fireworks from roof, went to Sapporo Zoo and went to Bibay to make some photos of abandoned school. That was really cool summer, also weather, in my city it usually very hot. So, I'm glad that I came here. (I hope that winter not colder than my hometown =))

So, how about you? Did you have good time in summer? Went somewhere?


by chitchatcafe | 2009-09-02 17:53 | 英会話 プライベート レッスン