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The fireworks in Moravian city – BRNO

The fireworks’ season came finally to Sapporo and I hope that all of you are looking forward to wear yukata and go to enjoy it.

In Czech Republic people enjoy the fireworks usually in winter, and especially in the midnight of the New Year’s Eve. However there is one exception – the International Fireworks Show, which has romantic Latin name “Ignis Brunensis” and has taken place in the Moravian city BRNO since 1997, annually in the May. The opening show takes place in the center of the town, in the surrounding of the gothic cathedral and fortification, the rest of the fireworks are usually shown at the Brno’s dam, which offers huge space for the visitors and splendid view of the fireworks’ reflection in the water, what reminds me the wonderful fireworks at Toyohira river.

You can learn more about the Brno’s fireworks and also see some pictures on the following link:


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Long Weekend   

For the long weekend my girlfriend and me headed back to Takikawa to stay with her parents. I really enjoy staying there, as they are so kind to me. My girlfriends two siblings and me have a fairly hefty rivalry going in Mario Kart. Her younger brother particularly gets frustrated, as he is unable to beat my ninja Mario Kart skills. I get scolded however, for being childish and not letting him win.

Saturday, we traveled to Furano by car with the family. I enjoyed the flowers, however my girlfriend’s father knew some fantastic scenic spots around the area, which I found more interesting. Maybe the amount of people detracted from the location. We visited a few elevated areas in which we could see the beautiful mountains, valleys and fields. The colour of the wheat fields I thought was particularly sticking amongst the green. I found it to be a really beautiful area.


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Still no summer   

Hi, it’s James again! Hope that you are all very well and are continuing to enjoy this beautiful weather we are having (ha ha). Things can only get better!

Well, it was the day of the eclipse, but I completely forgot until seeing the news report on the BBC news website. Perhaps things got a little darker than usual, but a doubt that it was noticeable here in Sapporo. The photos on the BBC site were pretty stunning though and it would have been great to have witnessed the event where the eclipse was total.

The beer garden has opened again, but it doesn’t really feel like beer drinking weather at the moment. Hopefully things will start heating up soon and that beer will taste delicious!! Fingers crossed!!

I am looking forward to playing tennis again at some point this week (and hopefully beating my friend again!). I really think that it is about time that I invested in a cap to protect my head from the sun. The skin on my forehead has started peeling as the last time I played it was rather hot and bright. Perhaps I will have a look tomorrow morning. Maybe I can find one in Daiso (probably the best store in the world)!!
Thanks for reading!!! Will write again soon!!


by chitchatcafe | 2009-07-23 18:20 | 英会話 個人 レッスン 札幌

I'm famous   

Hi all. Due to the bad weather, I'm sitting inside right now, waiting for my dinner which my wife is cooking downstairs, so I have some spare time to write about my week.
As all my co-workers I also feel frustrated because of all the rain we have had lately. But this doesn't mean I can't have a good time. As expected, I found the newspaper article about CCC on Tuesday. The reporter who came on Friday to our Cafe told us already that the article will be published on Tuesday, so checking the newspaper was the first thing I did that day.
Of course it's the first time for me to have a picture of me in a Japanese newspaper, so I felt kinda proud. Chotto childish, ne? ;)

The same day my wife and I went to Costco for the first time. Maybe most of you know it's a big supermarket located close to Kita-Hiroshima. I heard other people talking about Costco's cheap fast food restaurant, which made me curious. So we went there around noon and before checking the inside of the market we had our lunch: Pizza and hotdogs and a lot of Coke. Sounds healthy, ne?
It was really cheap and tasty, so if you like this kind of American food, you should go there and try it yourself. After eating we went through the shopping area. Although we were already quite full from our lunch, we didn't say no to the staff standing around offering small bites of tasty fruits and snacks. If you have been there before you know that you can only buy XL packages of everything that is sold there, for example giant packages of German style "Brezels" for 1.200 Yen. I wanted to buy some, but my wife was afraid I would eat everything at once. Because I'm a reasonable person and because I'm proud of all the weight I have lost since coming to Japan, I didn't buy any. hehe :)

On Thursday I went to a place in Asabu where I teach English twice a week. It was a surprise to hear that a team of reporters will join my lessons there too. They will write an article about this school and publish it in a magazine for young mothers. Cool, right? So during 2 months I appear twice in the Japanese press. I feel I should start thinking about printing my own autograph pictures! :)

My wife and I are thinking right now about having a short trip next month somewhere around Hakodate area or north Honshu. If you can recommend a nice place or something we shouldn't miss when we go there, please let me know when we meet the next time at the Cafe!


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Furano Trip   

On Sunday I went to Furano with 7 other friends from Korea, Hong Kong and Thai. The main purpose of the trip was to see the Lavender field and also the other flowers. My trip started at 9 o’clock and it took around 3 and a half hour to reach Furano.

On the way to Furano, we met a patrol car on the high way. He was driving in front of us with the speed of 100 Km/h, but on the highway was so empty, there was no car there, so I accelerated the speed up to 120 km/h. Suddenly, there was like an announcement from the patrol car to us. We didn’t catch what he said exactly (my Japanese ability is quite poor), but we guessed that he wanted us to slow down the speed to the speed limited on the highway. It was so lucky that we were not caught because I heard that the fine is very expensive.

By the way the trip was awesome, we saw beautiful flower, ate good foods, and have an excited moment on the way through Furano. Hope to visit you again Furano.


by chitchatcafe | 2009-07-21 14:19 | 英会話 個人 レッスン 札幌

Horrible in weather in Hokkaido   

Hey guys! It’s me Damian. It has been a long time I didn’t write on my blog. I hope everyone is Gennki!!!!!!. I’m not that because of this Horrible weather in SAPPORO. It’s supposed to be SUMMER and last night it was freezing. I hate this weather I want some sunshine. Next week Beer Garden starts in Odori so I can’t wait for the sun to start shinning and the temperature to rise a little. It’s the perfect weather for beer.

In September maybe I will go to MALTA  I haven’t been there for 3years now. But ‘am on the waiting list  I hope somebody will cancel soon.

Right now that’s what I have on my mind I miss the SUN and can’t wait to go to MALTA. See You Next Time!


by chitchatcafe | 2009-07-18 14:22 | 札幌 英会話 サークル

Visiting the Czech Rebublic   

Last time I wrote a lot about the Japanese things, which I found in Czech, when I went there last month.

As I promised, this time I will focus on Czech itself, and hope to give you a few recommendations, for the case you will visit this small country in the middle of the Europe one day.

I guess, nearly all of you are acquainted with the Czech capital - Prague, or one of the most well-known town Český Krumlov, which also belongs to that of the World Heritage (UNESCO). Both are situated in the Western part of the Czech Republic, which is called BOHEMIA. Actually this part is full of old towns with gothic or baroque churches, castles on the top of the hills or in the forests and other places of interest. It is also Bohemia, where the most wellknown Czech river VLTAVA (Moldau) rises and run through.

But there is one more big part of Czech, which is situated on the North East, and is called MORAVIA. In spite of that Moravia is historically older then Bohemia, and that there are more UNESCO's spots, it is not so popular among tourist as Bohemia. I thing, that it is a great pity, because Moravia can offer to tourist a lot of sightseeing, opportunities to try delicious wine, beer, plum brandy and of course splendid food.

Well, I would like to recommend you to stay if possible a little longer in Czech Republic and visit also the Moravian part! As long as it is the place I know the best, I will be happy to continue in describing its features next time!


by chitchatcafe | 2009-07-17 19:13 | 英会話 スクール 札幌

Summer weather, newspapers and hair   

Hello Chit-Chatters,

How have you all been? Probably not enjoying the weather we have been experiencing recently!!! When will summer come back?!?! I have been looking at photos of people back in England, stretched out on the beaches getting nicely sun-tanned. I always remember England as a place of regular rain and cloudy skies. Has the bad weather from England followed me here to Japan? It is certainly starting to feel that way!

Did any of you see the news article about CCC in the Hokkaido newspaper? It was a nice surprise to have a news reporter in the cafe asking questions and taking photos. She did a good job in her reporting. Thank you! Thanks to the customers who were in on that day as well, who were very kind in the comments they gave to the reporter (without the use of any torture or bribes I must add!).

The only problem was that the decision to come in and take photos for the paper was sudden, so I had no time to get a hat (or a wig) to cover the receding hair-line! I'm starting to forget what it was like to have hair (but I am saving a lot of money on shampoo and conditioner).

I hope that all of you reading this are well and look forward to seeing you at the cafe!


by chitchatcafe | 2009-07-14 20:36 | 札幌 英会話 教室 求人


初めての取材がChit Chat Cafeにきました!!

昨日電話があり 、北海道新聞の記者の方から「パーティについて聞きたい」




うれしいわーーーー O(≧▽≦)O




皆さん、Check it outしてくださいね!



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My Daily Life   

I set my alarm clock at 7.50 everyday to wake me up, but the real time that I usually up is at 8.15. I know that such behavior isn’t good, but I just can’t fix it. Then I go to shower, get dress and go to school. On the way through school, there is a big supermarket where I have to stop by, and buy coffee and water. Everyday keep on doing the same thing again and again. Seems like I have absorbed too much of the Japanese tradition, so that I just keep on repeating those activities each day.

School life is even more bored to me coz now most of the teachers are not funny and quite strict. Time seems to pass so slow while, I was in the classroom. I just felt that 15 minutes in class is equal to an hour in the normal time. I can’t do anything just only let the time pass by with patience.

The lunch time is the most enjoyable time in the day, coz I can release those unhappiness feelings by talking to friends from many countries. Even though, our Japanese ability isn’t that good, but at least we know the same situation, and have the same feeling, we can continue talking for many hours. That is the reason while we usually go to the all you can eat restaurant.

After enjoy chatting, it is working time, I have to work from 6 o’clock in the evening to about 10 o’clock. There is nothing much just running around the restaurant, using my poor Japanese to take order and also deliver foods to the customers table, by the way I am a waiter.

This restaurant is a kind of special restaurant. Normally, the chef will have to cook one food to the waiter, but here, I have to cook for him?? Confusing, so do I. When the restaurant is about to close, he will tell me what he wanted to eat, and let me cook it for him. Sometimes the taste is good sometimes is bad, but he never complain about it.

Next step is to go back home, do some homework, take a shower, and then go to bed. Here is my life cycle in Sapporo.


by chitchatcafe | 2009-07-08 17:05