Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I have wonderful memories of my childhood, waiting for Santa and spreading granola on the lawn for the reindeer… However, Christmas can be a sad time these days as I no longer get to spend Christmas with my family. Although Christmas Eve in Japan is usually a romantic time for couples, in the U.S. the whole season is usually meant for spending time with family. My grandmother and I would put up the Christmas decorations and bake holiday treats, my father and I would watch old holiday films, and my mother and I would go shopping for everyone’s perfect gift. The last two Christmas’s I have been in Japan. I love that Sapporo Station is decorated with lights and playing Christmas music, but it can feel a bit lonely. That is why, this year, my mother decided to come in December and spend some time with me before the holiday season was over. It was a really nice treat for me to see my mother, so I took her to the German Christmas Market in Odori Park, and to Otaru to buy souvenirs for the rest of the family.

Of course my mother could not stay for very long, she was only in Sapporo for one week. I was very sad to see her go back right before Christmas, but she gave me wrapped presents to open on Christmas Day. On Christmas Eve, I had a really good time with some friends who made a Western style dinner with turkey, stuffing, and truffles. On Christmas Day itself, I had another good night with friends making takoyaki and playing board games. I learned that it is important to enjoy Christmas no matter where you are or who you are with. Celebrating together and understanding the true meaning of Christmas is what really matters!

Maggie (US)

by chitchatcafe | 2019-01-06 14:13 | 英会話 教師 札幌

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