Cheap beers in the summer   

During the Summer holidays I went to Europe for one month. It was my first time visiting continental Europe and I was able to visit Germany, France, Denmark and Czech Republic.

Coming from Australia I always thought alcohol in Japan was very cheap (in Australia a beer at a bar is about 900 yen!) but I soon found once I arrived in Germany that beer was even cheaper there than it was in Japan.

In addition to cheap beers, if you keep your cans and dispose them into recycling machine inside major you can receive a decent amount of money in return (that can be used to buy your next can of drink!)

Glass bottles can also be returned to receive money at a specialty shop selling only drinks.

It is a very good system and encourages people to recycle correctly.

It public places, especially parks - people would leave their empty bottles beside the bin rather than put them inside. This made it easy for people who wanted to earn a little money to collect the bottles left behind.

In Germany alcohol is cheap - however, the further you go east in Europe the cheaper things become. This, of course means that the alcohol also becomes cheaper.

In eastern Europe Czech Republic is famous for being a backpacker heaven. Backpackers from around the world who come to Europe will naturally spend a few days in Czech Republic - most likely in the capital city of Prague, enjoying the too cheap beers (and also delicious fruity ciders) and very affordable accommodation.

A night in a hostel in Prague can cost about 1000 yen and a beer brought in a bar about 300 yen.

One evening I went to a supermarket close by my hostel to buy some dinner and a bottle of Coke. Once in the supermarket I made my way to the refrigerated section and put my hand inside the cool shelving to grab a bottle of the dark sugary drink. Yet as I did this my eyes fell across the shelf above the soft drinks, lined with glass bottles of beers and ciders.

The price below the beer was labelled '20 korunas'
The price below the cider was labelled '25 korunas'
The price below the coke was labelled '35 korunas'

I hesitated a moment, my hand lingering in the fridge before I eventually wrapped a hand around a bottle of beer and walked to the cash register to make my purchase.

Summer is for beer after all.

Jessica (Australia)

by chitchatcafe | 2018-11-28 11:56 | 英会話 教師 札幌

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