I use many words to describe my dog. For example, angel, baby, gorgeous, Willie, Wilhelm, etc… His real name is William and he is a beautiful brown/red colored dachshund. The story of how I got William is a bit strange. My mother’s friend found William wandering the streets of her neighborhood. She tried to find his owner, but no-one would claim him. After a few days she took him to the Humane Society, where they would keep him until someone came looking for him. Two weeks had gone by and no-one was interested in William, my mother’s friend knew he was a very good dog so she called my mother and asked her to adopt him. My mother was at work at the time, but she has a soft heart so she sent me a picture of William and asked me to go pick him up. At first I was very confused, I loved dogs, but wasn’t sure if we were ready to just go pick one up that day. We didn’t have food, a cage, or anything else necessary for owning a dog. But my mother insisted, so I went to go find him at the Humane Society. As soon as our eyes met, I knew William was the dog for me. I took him home that day while he was shaking and scared, but he has lived with my family now for almost four years, and is the happiest dog in the world. The hardest part about living in Japan is being away from William. That is why I made him a new name that only I call him, schnookums. It is a rarely used term of endearment, and it is the only name I think of when I think of my dog. I call my schnookums every day and hope I will get to meet him soon!

Maggie (USA)

by chitchatcafe | 2018-11-10 15:44 | マンツーマン 英会話 札幌

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