Goodbye snow!   

The snow has melted! In January, I couldn’t wait for it to go. However, now it’s gone I miss it already! I wish I had had time to go see the drift ice or try ice fishing. I wonder if I will have to wait another 21 years to see that much snow again… Hopefully not. But I’m sure 21 years later I still won’t have forgotten waddling on the ice every day trying to not be late for work! It seems it’s time to welcome the next season to Sapporo! Hokkaido is so exposed to the natural elements, it feels like I’m being given a tour of the seasons by mother nature. Or like that song – the 4 seasons (also the name of a popular pizza topping in the UK)! I can’t wait to see the beauty of spring. Every time I see the little new-born streams of water running down the streets from the melted snow, I think about all the plants sucking it up to create something beautiful. We, as humans, are so lucky to have been gifted the ability to realise natures beauty! Let’s hope my memory will do it justice for years to come…


Honor (UK)

by chitchatcafe | 2018-03-30 14:56 | 英会話 教師 札幌

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