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Hello everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful day.

I am the newest staff at Chit Chat Café, and this is the first blog I write. It is really hard to really come up with a fresh new idea, and write about it in a way that will be entertaining for you guys. So, I thought that I might want to talk about something I get asked a lot in Japan: what are my favorite Japanese dishes. More precisely, I will talk to you about two restaurants in Sapporo that I really like. Let’s go for a small culinary adventure!

As a Hokkaido University student, I hang out a lot around campus and I barely go anywhere else in my free time. There are two reasons for that. First one is that I am really lazy, so I do everything to stay close to university and my apartment. I that way I don’t have to walk for too long going back home in Sapporo’s freezing winter nights. Second one is money. It is well known that university students are not the richest people on earth, and actually eating for cheap fills my heart with a lot of satisfaction (and especially when the food is good ahah).

The first place I go to on a regular basis is a Café called Jikan (時館), located just next to the 18-jo gate of campus. There are a lot of students there and it opens until midnight. I find it really nice to study there when I don’t want to study in my room. They do amazing burgers, that are really cheap. The one that I prefer is the Zangi Burger. I often take a glass of Coke and fries with it. But I can’t talk about Jikan without telling you about their amazing pancakes. I had never seen, my entire life, such fluffy and delicious-looking pancakes. Last time I tried them, I tried the coconut sauce, but in the end, I think that my favorite is the caramel sauce.

The second place I really like to go to is a place called Manbuu. It Is near the 15-jo gate of campus. I first went there with a circle of the university, and what a surprise when I realized that there was a ALL YOU CAN EAT KARAAGE menu. I did not try the karaage menu the first time, but I quickly came back to try it. A second time, third time, forth time, fifth time… The restaurant instantly became one of the places I loved to go to for a good dinner with a friend. The Chicken Katsu menu is really good, I can’t wait to go back there.

The good thing with those two restaurants? They’re only 30 minutes away from my place by foot. I can’t wait to be able to ride my bike to go there when the snow will be gone (will that even happen one day? It doesn’t feel like it ahah). I think it is a good thing to have some places to feel good when you’re so far away from home. Homesickness is a really tough feeling, but I am sure that whenever it gets me, a bit of Karaage and some fluffy steamy pancakes will get me back on tracks right away!

What about you? Do you have a favorite restaurant or a place to feel good when things get tough? Let’s talk about it next time we see each other!

Have a nice day,

Sofiane (France)

by chitchatcafe | 2018-02-08 15:02 | マンツーマン 英会話 札幌

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