Beautiful Lake Toya!   

After living here for a little over two months, I’ve had surprisingly few low points! However, I do remember one week where I started to feel like a bit of a waste of space at work. Working with an entirely Japanese team means I feel quite guilty when they have to speak English around me. As if she could sense my gloominess, my supervisor/role model/all-around-wonder-woman offered to take me on a day trip during the next day off work. Leaving as early as we both could manage (sadly neither of us are blessed with being early birds!) we headed for Lake Toya via Lake Shikotsu. Lake Shikotsu was incredible, and although the weather was a bit bleak it still felt magical. I could hear the theme song of Jurassic Park running through my head! But Lake Toya was definitely the highlight. It was so incredibly serene. I’d never seen anything like it before. I spotted a few people camping out on the beach beside the lake, which made me very happy. Wherever there is natural beauty, there will be some hippies! I then insisted that we climbed one of the active volcanoes – mainly to prove to my supervisor that she’s not too old (you’re never too old!), and we got to see some craters filled with murky blue water. As we climbed, being biologists, we were inspecting some of the fresh animal droppings. Twice we saw huge steaming piles of what I hoped was fresh bear poo, but my supervisor was adamant that no bears would be in that close proximity. (Days later, she came into work and confirmed my suspicions that it was in fact bear poo! Apologies to those who I already told this story. Bears make me very excited.) As we drove off, me and my supervisor were incredibly lucky to see two swans doing their mating dance. They both dipped their heads underwater in synchrony and waggled their bums in the air. It reminded me of Amelia and Abigail, two geese from a very incredible film – the aristocats (if you haven’t seen it, watch it as soon as you get a chance. It is of high importance as many people see this film as possible!). The drive home was long but I generously kept my supervisor company by falling asleep within 10 minutes. Overall, it was a beautiful day out. It’s impossible to be sad in Japan for too long!

Honor (UK)

by chitchatcafe | 2017-12-09 16:28 | カフェ 英会話 札幌

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