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I have now been in Sapporo for 8 months, and I have just finished my second semester mid terms, and I have to say I’m starting to feel mixed emotions about my stay here. This also means I have only half a semester left here, or 8 weeks, meaning my year abroad is coming to an end.
On one side, I am so happy of my stay here: I have experienced so much since I’ve been in Japan. I travelled around Japan in March and to Taiwan and Korea, I saw all wonderful seasons in Hokkaido, I managed to ski so much more that I could have imagined, and I met the most amazing people here in Sapporo. I now only have 8 weeks left to tick off my bucket list all the last things I want to do before going home.
On the other hand, I feel like I’ve overcome the peek of my stay, and I am ready to go home. Most of my friends from home are now on summer holidays, whereas I’m still in class, and after being here for so long I’m starting to really miss Europe, France and my home and family.



Anyways, my main purpose for this blog today was to talk about an awesome trip I did with my friends last week: Shakotan peninsula!
We decided to leave early Saturday morning to catch the bus from Sapporo station and head to Yoichi first. After half an hour of fooling around to find the right bus stop, we got on the bus. After around 1 and a half hours, we got to Yoichi which was holding a small festival including street food sellers. I got some delicious yakisoba before getting onto the second bus (my love for japanese food is unconditional). The second bus then took us closer to the actual peninsula. We stopped by a first campground which looked very desert and abandoned: there were no showers, no usable toilets, and it was on a dirty beach. I was ready to go find another campground but my friends looked like they wanted to settle there… I didn’t want to!
2 of my friends then found another camping ground 10min from where we were with shelters, a nice beach and grass to put the tent, toilets, and an abandoned onset opposite the road. We decided to lay down our camp there for the night.
We then moved on to doing all the cliche-camping-fun: we went for a swim in the sea (it was so cold!), we played games on the beach, we played the dancing game ‘limbo’, and we tried making a fire before the rain started pouring. However, with the rainstorm about the burst, we decided to have a barbecue under the shelter with roasted potatoes, aubergines, smores and hot water for our cup noodles. We also made mulled wine on the barbecue which is a mix of wine, whisky, sugar and cinnamon: it was so nice!
The night in the tent was a bit cold but the next day we have brunch over the fire, which was finally successful: croissants, coffee, more marshmallows and a couple sausages. We finished the day by walking around the beach and taking pictures of the peninsula, before we had to get our train back to otaku to head home.
I had such an amazing week end, as it almost felt like holidays only 2 hours away from Sapporo!



Next time we will try and camp in Furano, in July.
These kind of week ends make me realise I will miss Japan way more than I can imagine.

Katia (France/UK)


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