Life is hard   

My god everyday is so busy right now! I don’t even have the time to sleep properly!

You see, I started a project called Hult Prize, a university wide competition for refugees. With my team, we’ve been doing everything we could do every single day for the past month, researching, contacting several companies about certain subjects, writing, meeting, researching again, fighting about every single thing to make every part of the presentation perfect. And guess what? TURNS OUT SOMEONE ELSE ALREADY DID OUR IDEA!


Yesterday we were so frustrated about everything, and decided to quit, since we didn’t have a report or a presentation for deadline, which was today. But then our team captain was like “No! We will finish this!” She was so scary, I immediately saluted her saying “Sir yes sir!” out of fear. So from dusk ‘till dawn we’ve been writing reports and speeches today, to prepare for the presentation which, you’ve guessed it, TOMORROW. We basically did everything in a single day for a presentation which other teams had a month to prepare for.

You can’t guess what kind of a “tokitoki” moment I’m having right now. I’M SO NERVOUS! I’ll be speaking in front of an ambassador, President of Hokudai, CEO’s, very very important (and rich) people. And if we get it right, if we win, we get to go to SAN FRANSISCO, US. Not for holiday of course, for the second part of the competition.

So yeah, this is so tiring and making me feel so nervous, but in a way, I guess it’s fun. We’ll see what happens tomorrow, I just hope I don’t embarrass myself in front of everyone!

Also our team’s name, Team Clark. Guess where we got the name from.


Dee (Turkey)


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