Shoe trouble   

For me it was never easy to find certain types of shoes in Germany, like for example ballerinas, because my feet are long and slender. However, in Japan it nearly seems impossible to find my size. Lately I have been trying to find some shoes for the winter and therefore visited different shops; without having any success. My size is 25.5, but most shops only sell women shoes until 25 and if they have bigger ones, they are either too broad or the design is a catastrophe. I was told that I should look in the men’s section, but there I again have the problem that shoes for males are too broad for my feet.

I cannot believe that, since the Japanese get taller and taller and I often see tall Japanese girls, who have about the same height as me. What do all those tall Japanese people do??

My last chance seems to be searching the internet. I am not willing to give up, yet. ٩(๑`^´๑)۶

Denise (Germany)

by chitchatcafe | 2014-11-26 15:06 | 英会話 個人 レッスン 札幌

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