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I love Yukata and Kimono with their color variations and their elegant shape. Until now I only had the opportunity to wear a Kimono once, but it was a really great experience for me.

Did you know that in Bavaria (in the south of Germany) we also have some beautiful traditional clothes? The female version is called ‘Dirndl’ and the male version is called ‘Lederhose’. In Bavaria we mainly wear the Dirndl and Lederhose to different festivals, like the Oktoberfest (very popular beer festival in Munich) or similar smaller festivals, which take place from spring to autumn, but some people also wear it when they attend a wedding party or also on other occasions.
Like Yukata and Kimono, there are also big price differences when it comes to Dirndl and Lederhose and especially the Dirndl comes in various shapes and colors. There are for example more traditional versions of the Dirndl, which have a foot-long skirt and do not expose too much cleavage. However, especially among younger women the sexier versions are very popular.
Furthermore there are some rules for tying the bow of the Dirndl. I made a picture for you for easier understanding.
Number 1: Bow on the left side means that the girl is single.
Number 2: Bow on the right side means that she is in a relationship or married.
Number 3: Bow in the middle means traditionally that she is a virgin.
Number 4: Bow on the back means that either her husband has passed away or that she is one of the waitresses.

I also brought my Dirndl with me to Japan. Can you guess which color it is? 

Thank you for your interest!
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Denise (Germany)

by chitchatcafe | 2014-09-30 17:11 | 英会話 教師 札幌

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