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Hello everyone!

I hope it is going as fine for you as it is going for me.
I'm still living the dream here in Japan, My japanese skills are increasing slowly but surely and I still enjoy a lot learning this wonderful language, no matter how hard it is.
I also spent a great summer, (for those who already know me they must know all about it so I will make it short) I could travel a lot in Hokkaido this summer, I found out many outstandingly beautiful places, and could eat a lot of good food. and I'm not even talking about the good sake. Also two of my best friends from France came to visit me…in one word: "perfect" summer vacations.

Well, after this very funny summer and as sure as the autumn will succeed to the summer (even if right now that last one does not seem to be in the rush to clear the place) I'm planning to start a new way of life. Less fun, more studies.
Until now I could count on what I already knew in Japanese to take it easy but from now on everything I'm about to learn is brand new, so I'll have to be much more serious. I'm also planning to pass the JLPT N2 next December, which is a test in Japanese way above my current level. It will ask me a lot of personal work just to get 20% of chance of success. but I've got the right motivation, I want to improve my Japanese just as you want to improve your English.

In order to fulfill that dream I filled the application today and will probably send it tomorrow or next week. I will probably buy next month at least four different books (grammar kanjis etc..) and I'm also reorganizing my life to be more adequate to my purpose. Which means less going out, of course more studying, but more sport as well. If your body feels right, your mind does too! But that is an other story.

Thank you for reading me, I'm looking forward to meet you, or to meet you again!

take care,

Gilles (France)

by chitchatcafe | 2012-09-21 18:42 | 子供 英会話 札幌

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