Italian Holidays   

Last time, I wrote about how excited I was about going back to Italy for the Christmas Holidays.
And now that I'm back, I can say : IT WAS SIMPLY AWESOME!

From the very moment I landed in Milan, I remembered some things that 9 months in Japan had me forget, for example : Physical Contact.
I had forgotten how much physical contact is important and common in italy : in the first 4 hours I was back, I think I hugged and kissed something like 30 people. In my family especially, but in all Italian's culture too, is via physical contact the we express affection and love to the other person.

And since in Japan, holding hands, hugging or kissing is not exactly common, I got used to deal with not having any of those affection displays and discovering it again was a great surprise once back home.
Another thing I had forgotten was… How damn good, delicious and splendid is coffee in italy!

Italian Christmas kept up to the expectations : 25 people, sitting around a big table with all kind of food and wine, eating, drinking and talking for 5 hours.
Yes, that's how we do it in Italy!
We were all at my sister's house, and all my aunts and uncles and their families were there!
For New Year's Eve I went to Venice, the city where I studied and lived for almost 4 years, to meet all of my university friends!
Great, GREAT times there, I spent 4 days in that beautiful lagoon and with a little luck, I could meet almost all of my dearest friends.

And then, on the 10th of January, I came back here in the beautifully frozen Sapporo!
I needed 20 days to probably get used again to life in Sapporo but now I think I found again my routine.
Perfect timing I'd say, February is kicking in with all the winter events such as Yuki Matsuri and Toyota Big Air Jump Show!

See you all in Chit Chat Cafè!

Nico (Italy)

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