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Hello everyone,
It has been 2 months since I left my precious Sapporo and came back home. Before I left Japan I promised Yuka-san to write a „farewell blog“ for you.
Too bad, I didn’t write it.
Well, I’m really poor at saying „farewell“, and much prefer to say: „see you“
Besides, some of you I can meet on skype, or facebook, so fortunately we can keep in touch!

So, instead of a badly delayed „farewell blog“, I would like to write an opposite one – „hello back blog“! In this blog I would like to share with you some experiences of a Czech-Japanese couple, who are trying to start their fresh married life in Czech Republic. Well, this blog won’t only be my job, but I wish to write together with my husband, Hideto, whose remarks on my country are especially amusing, and his experiences of getting used to living in a foreign country might be useful for all of you, who are planning to „hit the road“ and move abroad.

This time I just want to share with you my feelings after coming back home. Do you know a guy named Urashima Taro? Well, I felt completely, like the poor Urashima, who was coming back from Ryúgú-jó to his village. But in contrast to him, I was lucky enough to not open the forbidden box.
I wish you all a wonderful spring, with flowers blooming all over Sapporo, and miss you much!!!!

Ivona (Czech Republic)

by chitchatcafe | 2011-06-07 18:23 | 札幌 英会話 国際

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