Trip to the East Hokkaido   

Thanks for the Day of the Sea (海の日) on 19 July (Monday), I got a long weekend and travelled to east Hokkaido with friends. We drove to many places like Erimo Misaki, Akanko, Kushiro, Shiredoko and Abashiri etc.

I was so interested about Shiredoko! From guidebook, it is claimed to be the “last land not yet polluted” and it is certified as World Heritage. This is the place that I must go once in my life! Also, was so eager to see a wild bear from the mountain! Of course, only when I’m in the car, not walking in the mountain and be the bear’s meal :P

I took a 3-hour cruise trip, costing me YEN 8000! Although it is quite expensive, the wonderful natural beauty really worth it. Also, I did see a wild bear very far away from the cruise! However, it was such a little black spot that you may say it’s just a little dog. Moreover, some people saw a cage next to the bear with their professional camera lens. So, we guess someone was feeding the bear so that it stayed there to attract tourists.

Apart from black bear, I also saw a lot of cute deer. However, it was quite dangerous when they suddenly jumped out to our road, and we needed to stop our car right away! I tasted my deer meat in the trip too. But I promise, I will never eat deer meat again as they are really too cute for me.

For the deer that I ate, please forgive me, ok? As I ate too much during the trip (whole crab, Katedon, Robata Yaki etc), I already got my “punishment”. I need to go on diet and avoid meat for long time now. Please stop me when you see me eating any candy at Chit-Chat Café, thanks!


by chitchatcafe | 2010-07-24 14:30 | 札幌 英会話 サークル

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