Every day I think, the weather in Sapporo is just same as in my city. Like, it became cold in middle of September, and then in October 1 really warm week, and then again getting colder. We "think" that weather give us chance to finish some things, we didn't finished in summer. Like clean garden, or whatever, that should be done on outside. Do Japan have name for this? We do, it's a little hard to translate to English, but to put it simple, we call it 'Women's summer' :D, but it's not only for women of cause.

But I think winter is different, friends told me, that snow start to fall soon! I usually get snow in middle of December =). Anyway, it means, soon, we'll be able to go snowboarding and ski, isn't it great? (Though, it's cold, yeah:D). And Hokkaido very popular for mounts, so I'm going to try some. A lot of people recommend me different mountains, so I have nothing to do, but check them all :). Do you have your favourite place to ski, or going to different place every time?


by chitchatcafe | 2009-10-22 17:56 | 札幌 英会話 国際

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